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History of the District

Founded in 1425, Białołęka was originally a small village. In 1524, it was granted its location on the basis of the Chełmińskie laws. Landowners in the area frequently changed until the 18th Century. The most well known of these were the Gołyńscy family, Wawrzyniec Gembicki, the bishop of the Chełmiński Land, Kazimierz Waza – the King and Mrs. Szamocka.

In 19th Century, Białołęka was a part of Bródno and included the following districts: Aleksandrów, Annopol, Brzeziny, Konstantynów, Marywil, Różopole and Ustronie. Just before the Second World War, Białołęka consisted of Białołęka Dworska (Manor Białołęka) and Białołęka Szlachecka (Noble Białołęka). In 1951, Białołęka became a part of Warsaw's administrative territory. The Białołęka municipality was created on June 19, 1994. Since 2002 it has been the second largest of Warsaw’s 18 districts.

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